BLUE Marine Think-In Artists create a wave of support for the Blue Marine Foundation at A H STUDIOS

The BLUE Think-in brought together experts in the field of marine biology with artists working in response to climate change and ocean conservation. As host to the show, Andrea Hamilton opened up her studio as a platform for creative thinking and ideas sharing across disciplines, with an eye on finding solutions through positive action. Their collaboration echoes the rich interdisciplinary history of Somerset House where the Blue Marine Foundation are based, and highlights the important role science and art play in public awareness.


Chaired by CEO Clare Brook, BLUE’s Chief Scientific Advisor Dr Callum Roberts gave us a dynamic introduction to this show’s theme, the high seas. This vast area of ocean beyond any national jurisdiction plays a vital role in absorbing heat from man-made climate change and in the provision of the oxygen we need to breathe. In one way, it is owned by no-one, yet legally it is owned by every man, woman and child on the planet. It considered by the United Nations to be ‘the common heritage of mankind’. Dr Roberts was utterly captivating in his description of mass underwater transmigration, and how this helps to sequester CO2 which is denser than sea water. 


Published by Richard Unwin

Canadian painter and sculptor Carol Bruton captures the essence of the marine environment and brings it back to land. A keen sea swimmer inspired by the interplay of water, light and sky, Bruton’s art is seemingly hewn from nuggets of tropical colour and light. Her pieces are perfected to the point where they are almost a pure form, counterbalanced by strange, circular markings that, depending on your viewpoint, might be salt crystals, cellular life, or the surface of an alien world. 

Bruton was born in Toronto but spent her childhood in Spain and has always been drawn to water, to the extent that that she has often lived next to it, from the River Thames and canals in England to the Persian Gulf. Now upon the French Riviera, Bruton notes that while water has been the thread that has linked her entire life, it is swimming in the Mediterranean Sea that has had the most powerful impact on her. “Particularly in the winter, it’s like being plugged into the world’s greatest power grid,” she says. 

The dichotomy that exists in Bruton’s work between the luminous, ethereal colours that hint at some universal realm and the deliberate markings that give her pieces their individuality, comes from the vastness of being immersed in the sea. “I am drawn to the eternal, changing patterns that the wind, light and planetary cycles form on the surface of the sea,” Bruton explains. “When I dive into the depths, turn and look up through the surface to the sky, the floating particles of organic matter are the inspiration behind my paintings.” The circular forms of the artist’s paintings are achieved through the use of different fine brushes, applying a blend of pigments to what Bruton calls her, “translucent lozenges of colour.” Bruton works the surfaces horizontally; allowing the 12-hour drying time of the paint to sometimes dictate all-night working sessions.

Two of Bruton’s paintings—‘Gold on Peacock Blue’ and ‘A Blue Mass’—beautifully distil her ability to evoke both the microscopic and the astronomic, suggesting an impression of islands dotted across a watery world. We might hope that this scene will remain constant, but inherent in the painter’s amorphous, delicate aesthetic is a sense of change and the notion that everything, in the end, is fleeting. And yet, while there is still time, we have the urge to dive into the blue as Bruton seemingly urges us, or else set sail on the vessels celebrated by Salcedo. If Taylor makes us stop for a moment and consider our society rendered as a contemporary Pompeii or Atlantis, he asks us to revel in the sea, only to do so in a way that will preserve its vitality for a little longer

Carol Bruton's Oceans 9 sculpture

Art of the Month:
Ocean's 9 by Carol Bruton

Published by Zoe Dickens 

TEF AF Maastricht 2016 may be just around the comer but any keen-eyed superyacht fine art collector knows it is often the works scouted outside the mainstream fairs that become the real treasures. 

If you’re looking for something to freshen up your on board gallery before the Mediterranean season begins then look no further than Carol Bruton and her Ocean’s 9 sculpture. 

Based in the South of France, Bruton takes inspiration for her work from the beautiful coastline that surrounds her. As a year-round open water swimmer, she is in tune and deeply concerned about the biggest threats facing the world’s oceans and, as with Marc Quinn’s sea­inspired artworks, it is this that has informed her most recent pieces. 

The Ocean’s 9 gold sculpture is created from steel and finished with a transparent coloured coating to create a mirror-like finish. The fluid shape of the piece, along with its gleaming surface, mimics the way morning light shining on the ocean creates a crystal clear reflection of the world. These sculptures can be created in any size or colour making them the ideal piece of custom art to brighten up your superyacht interior this spring. 

Recently chosen as Saatchi Art’s Artist of the Day, Bruton’s pieces will be exhibited in the coming months at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London, England and the Karma St Martin’s hotel in the Isles of Scilly.

November- January 2020

Exhibition at BANQUE HAVILLAND, MONACO November- January 2020

Hosted by CEO Patrick Dauguet. Curated by Natasha Girardi. Administered by Beatrice Buffi Manager Legal & Wealth Management, Honoured by the attendance of Serge Telle Ministre d’Etat de Monaco

Carol Bruton (centre) with Patrick Dauguet, CEO of Havilland Bank Monaco and Curator Natasha Girardi

Coral Threads

Coral Threads has been selected for Expo London Underground 2019

See Carol’s ‘Coral Threads’ piece at Expo London Underground between the 1-15th December at Platform 2, Tottenham Court Road Tube Station, Central Line Eastbound.

image of map of London Underground Central Line

Carol's 'Raindrops Gold' has been acquired by the CHINESE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS and is on exhibition at the Beijing International Art Biennale 2019


Carol is exhibiting for the BLUE MARINE FOUNDATION at the Andrea Hamilton Studio, Belgravia, London in November.

Front and back view of Carol's exquisite piece for the St. Moritz U.S. Celebrity Golf Cup

Carol creates an exquisite piece for the St. Moritz U.S. Celebrity Golf Cup for the RYDER CUP TRUST

Carol joins other prestigious sponsors in supporting The St. Moritz U.S. Celebrity Golf Cup for the Ryder Cup Trust. American and European celebrities play with the amateurs in the team for the much sought-after trophy and are led by a celebrity team captain. 

The highlight of this event is the honouring of David Leadbetter for the “Life Time Achievement Award” at the Black-Tie-Gala at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, St. Moritz. – with a special appearance by the Ryder Cup Trophy.

Vassilis Fotilas winning 2019 Richard Earp Award, designed by Carol Bruton

Vassilis Fotilas wins 2019 RICHARD EARP AWARD at this year's Superyacht Show

Fotilas was announced as the winner of the award on Wednesday evening, the first day of the 2019 Superyacht Show. He was presented with an award sculpture, named Ocean’s 9, crafted by artist Carol Bruton. 

The award was established in the name of Fraser broker Richard Earp, who died in 2016, and was  renowned for his exemplary conduct and fair negotiations as a broker. Last year’s winner Peter Insull (on the left) is pictured above with the 2019 winner Vassilis Fotilas (Image courtesy of Breed Media)

Carol Bruton's Oceans 9 sculpture

Carol Bruton's iconic 'OCEAN’S 9' sculpture has been commissioned for the 2019 RICHARD EARP AWARD

This will be presented at The Superyacht Show in Barcelona, 8-11 May 2019.  See some of the finest superyachts for sale, in the most exclusive setting, alongside the world’s best luxury products and lifestyle brands.

National Monegasque Committee of A.I.A.P at UNESCO

Jury Prize. HSH Prince Albert II with Carol Bruton. National Monegasque Committee of A.I.A.P at UNESCO


Recently chosen as Saatchi’s Artist of the Day, Carol’s work is also being profiled in VOGUE UK EDITION


Recently featured in TATLER UK EDITION





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